Muong Hum Market

 Muong Hum Market – Sapa

Muong Hum market is located in Muong Hum Commune, Bat Xat District. It opens  everyday but the main market is on Sunday. It located in valley next to beautiful river surrounded by mountain and forest. Muong Hum market is place for young people meet each other to talk, love and marriage. It is centre of 8 commues around here so it is very clouded with ethnic groups: Ha Nhi, Flower Hmong, Tu Di, Dao Tuyen, Dzay…. With their colorful customs. And the most important when they come to the market that is to exchange their products.

Muong Hum market still reserve their own traditional and their lifestyle. When you come here even you are a stranger but people here are warmly welcome you not only with their smiles they can invite you to their meals as well. Visit Muong Hum market you can have new discover cultures of Ethnic people. Muong Hum market is waiting for your journey.


Muong Hum Market tour one day:

After breakfast, we will driver to Muong Hum market it takes about 1 hour  from Sapa town to get their on the way you can enjoy the picturequre of mountain and landscapes.

Spend time in the Muong Hum market and have lunch at  local restaurant. In the afternoon we will go and visit Ha Nhi Ethnic minority’s village to visit their house and their lifestyle.

Hà Nhì ethnic minority is the smallest population in Vietnam and they live in a such harsh natural conditions that there is only cold weather and covered by dew all-year-round. Of these, Y Ty Village has almost population with houses built in special architecture.

Ha Nhi’s houses are alike in construction, home decorations with 2 rounds wall the inside and the outside. The walls are thick around 40 – 45cm and high around 4,5 – 5m, the between there are small stones. Each house has large from 65 – 80m2, 4 roofed and covered by dry grass without veranda.

The house has a main door and two side doors, inside wall there are 3 doors and behind these doors are kitchen, bed rooms and the family members.

Besides house-style, traditional customes help the ethnologists to tell the difference between Black Ha Nhi and White Ha Nhi (it means their customes with black and white). Black Ha Nhi makes dress in blacks with the buttom on the chest, the females’ customes will decorate collar around, the black of shirts are made in triangles, their hats are decorated with coins or cotton-balls in colours both to beautify and keep away evils.

When you visit their village you can have chance to enjoy the traditional music as well. The musics is playing by the boys and girls and the game “hire and seek in a blanket” and exchange songs. This is the way boys and girls find each other , they can overnight after the festival, The boy can bring the girl they played with to their home and marry her.



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